Damage claims procedure


Delcomar’s liability for damage to persons and vehicles transported is ensured as required by the current provisions of the flag law and by the applicable International Conventions.

The passenger who suffers accidents to his person dependent on events which occurred between beginning of the embarkation and the completion of the disembarkation, must report them to the on-board command before the final disembarkation.

Delcomar assumes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from storms, shipwrecks, collisions, changes of route, landing or release berths, quarantines, fires, acts of war or piracy and of any accident or sea danger, suspension or cancellation of landings or lines, changes in itineraries and timetables or of any event relating to navigation due to force majeure or staff strikes.

Delcomar is released from any liability for losses or damages suffered by vehicles during embarkation and disembarkation operations, unless they are directly attributable to the company.

Delcomar is not responsible for the loss or damage of any objects contained in the vehicle, and for the theft, loss or damage of valuables, money, documents, manuscripts, kept on board of the vehicles.


All disputes that may arise between Passenger and Delcomar in dependence or in relation to the conclusion or execution of the transport of passengers, baggage and / or vehicles will be the exclusive competence of the Judicial Authority of the Court of La Maddalena (SS), expressly waiving to the competence of any other Italian or foreign Authority, also in dependence of connection or continence of causes.

For anything else not mentioned here, the contract for the transport of people, luggage and / or vehicles will be governed by the ship’s flag law.