The tariff plan


There are travel discounts for the following categories:

  • People who are mutilated and disabled in war or during service for infirmities ascribed to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th categories
  • Military personnel travelling for service
  • Blind people
  • People who are mutilated and disabled in war or during service for infirmities ascribed to the 1st category
  • Groups
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Special rates are provided for residents in the municipalities of boarding and destination.
To the passenger who is entitled to more discounts will only be applied the most favourable, since the accumulation of them is not allowed.
Passengers who receive discounts must present themselves with the document proving the right to reduction both at the time of purchasing the ticket and at the time of boarding.
Those who do not have this document will be required to pay the difference between the full fare and the reduced rate they have used.


Children up to 3 years old travel for free. Children under the age of 14 cannot travel alone. They must be constantly supervised by their parents and/or adults who have custody of them and cannot go around the ship without being accompanied.
Under no circumstances Delcomar will be liable for injuries to minors in the event of a violation of the above.
From the age of 14 to 18, children can travel alone, provided they have a written parental permission to release liability to the company.


Each passenger is entitled to the free transport of his or her luggage. Only the effects for personal use as well as the samples of trade travellers are considered and allowed as baggage.


Small pets must be kept in cages of no more than 40x40x40 cm in size by the owner and travel for free. Additional pets are accepted on board, subject to payment of the applicable tariff; dogs must be led on a leash and muzzled. Owners must be provided with a bag and scoop to look after their pets. In some cases, cabin crew may impose some restrictions on their movement. The company may apply for a certificate of vaccination and good health with validity of no more than three months from the date of issuance.


For each legal effect, the vehicle being transported – including a trailer or caravan, with what is contained in it – constitutes a single unit of cargo embarked without a declaration of value.
The Passenger must declare the vehicle’s liquid gas supply at the time of booking or purchasing the ticket. In the absence of such a fulfillment, the Passenger loses the right to board the vehicle and must pay a penalty equal to the agreed rate.
If Delcomar could not board a regularly booked vehicle due to the change of schedules, change of ships or due to force majeure, that vehicle will have priority in the next departure. Passengers will not be reimbursed in this case.
If the vehicle’s measurements do not match those declared at the time of booking, Delcomar reserves the right to refuse boarding.